The Fifteen-Minute Meditator is a doctrine-free meditation technique designed to reduce stress, unlock inner potentials and promote mental and emotional well-being.

The Fifteen-Minute Meditator is an ultra simple ten-minute concentration exercise with a five-minute introduction, ideal for those with busy schedules and fast paced life-styles.

Featuring Sarah Kalvin's soothing voice, the The Fifteen-Minute Meditator system offers fifteen minutes of timeless benefit. Order your copy of the audio recording and explanatory booklet today for only $15.95.

Click to hear an audio sample from the introduction to The Fifteen-Minute Meditator.

Sarah Kalvin's voice and diction are lovely. She strikes just the right balance of comfort, authority and warmth. Bravo!
     Naomi Frenkel
     Language and Speech Instructor.

A modern approach to the ageless practice of meditation, The Fifteen-Minute Meditator focuses on immediate reality, which sets it apart form meditations which distract your attention with music, positive aphorisms, visualization or virtual inner journeys.

The Fifteen-Minute Meditator gives me the balance and stamina I need to cope with the countless stresses coming my way each day on the job.
     Edward Davila
     General Manager, La Gloria Markets

The Fifteen-Minute Meditator is compatible with most religions and can be integrated with various belief systems or spiritual practices because it is in itself doctrine free. Its daily practice offers renewed vitality, encourages inner fulfillment and brings the meditator to a state of calm awareness.

I feel something inside and "things" don't seem quite as annoying as before. I am not so impatient and quick to snap at my sister, I think the practice is working.
     Crystal Shanley,
     High School Student.

The Fifteen-Minute Meditator is a complete meditation system which includes a fifteen minute audio CD or cassette tape, consisting of a five-minute introduction and the ten-minute meditation narrative, along with a 28-page explanatory booklet. Order your copy now for only $15.95, plus $3.50 shipping and handling.

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